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Lose 20 Pounds With A Realistic Plan

Posted on November 5, 2017 in Health

If you want to lose 20 pounds or more there is a realistic and achievable plan for doing so. Many people become intimidated when trying to lose a lot of weight as it can be a daunting task.

But there is a good way to break that down making it seem easy and very doable.

Since weight gain usually comes over a long period of time you don’t want to try to lose it too fast. Most weight loss experts agree that losing 2 pounds per week is a safe and effective amount to lose because you’re less apt to gain it back.

Going with that premise one should look at losing 20 pounds in approximately 3 months. There are typically 13 weeks per every 3 months. Divide 20 pounds by 13 weeks and you get just a little more than 1.5 pounds per week.

This is an excellent amount of weight to strive to lose per week. Why? Because it’s very achievable for most people. When it’s realistic we are more apt to stick with it. It’s also realistic for people wanting to lose 40 pounds or more. It will just take a little longer.

Now for the actual plan of attack: You will probably need to increase your activity level and your diet too. For those looking for effective weight loss these are things that will never change.

However it doesn’t mean you’ll need to make drastic changes. Remember you only need to lose 1.5 pounds per week for 13 weeks. You can do this!

You don’t need to change your eating habits all that much. Continue eating many of the same things. Just cut out some of the bad things you eat and don’t need as much at each meal.

This alone will reduce your daily calorie intake. When you add in drinking water and exercise you will even have more success in your attempts to lose 20 pounds.

My neighbor quit drinking a six pack of soda each day (began drinking water instead) and started walking for an hour each night during the time he usually sat and watched TV.

These were the only changes he made. He lost 40 pounds in 7 months! You can also increase your chances of losing 20 pounds if you eat a healthy breakfast each morning.

This will get your metabolism going and help burn fat. In fact the more times you eat during the day the more your body will actually burn fat.

The key is not eating too much each time but eating a little more often.


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